New York

  • New York Epilogue
    New York can be everything to everyone. It has quiet places a plenty. Respite from the constant hustle and bustle. Noise is everywhere but there are plenty of places to […]
  • Jazz at Bill’s Place
    It has to be done when in Harlem. Especially in an authentic speakeasy style joint nestled in a basement on W. 133rd St.  Known as ‘Swing Street’ in the 30’s […]
  • Boston for a cuppa?
    It all began here.  “What did?” I hear you ask? Well, the rebellion against British rule primarily.  And hoorah for those that decided British was a bit of a bad […]
  • Chicago
    It wasn’t far, just down Central Park and off at 47th to Broadway. We were lucky to be given two tickets to see the long running show, Chicago. Third aisle […]
  • Riding the Rails
    The subway can be a challenging and yet somewhat entertaining pastime. It’s by far the best way to get from A to B, or even C. I take the C […]
  • It’s cold, real cold. Winter in New York! 
    Some days are crisp, the icy wind from the north keeping hands firmly in pockets. Wrapped up like swaddled babies clinging to any remnants of warmth inside. Other days it’s […]


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