• The Breakdown
    It was kind of inevitable that something would go amiss at some point with poor old Marissa.  She’s done 10,000 miles after all. And for an old girl it has […]
  • The mountain
    Honduras What a surprising place Honduras is. As beautiful and lush as all the other countries we have travelled through and even more friendly and welcoming. It has major problems […]
  • Border Crossing – Guatemala to El Salvador
    We did our usual research and decided to cross the border between Guatemala and El Salvador at Valle Nuevo. We had read a few blogs and it seemed that most […]
  • Guatemala Epilogue
    There are few places on earth that offer everything for everyone. Guatemala is one of them. Beaches, mountains, tropical forests, surf spots, nightlife, history, temples, ruins adventure sports. It has […]
  • Guatemala
    It was quite a speedy visit to Guatemala this time. We are both itching to get to it in Costa Rica, or Nicaragua. We haven’t quite decided yet. I have […]


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