• Homeless and Unemployed
    So that’s it. Done with LA and free as birds. Daniela accomplished her mission at Kaplan and has officially left the company after 12 years of dedicated service. We are […]
  • City of Angels and Traffic!!
    If movies are the heart of the city then roads are surely its lifeblood.  Six lane arteries clog to capacity with a million gas guzzling corpuscles jostling for position, devouring […]
  • Westwood
    “Have a great day Mr Awesomeness” said the retro 70’s style hippy as he passed me on the street. It was 8.30 am, I had just dropped off the little […]
  • LA Prologue
    Maybe it’s the  heat, and maybe it’s the constant sunshine but I am a happy bunny. Overdosed on vitamin D maybe, but happy all the same.  The people here are […]
  • Yosemite
    The scale of everything here leaves you dumbfounded. America is a vast country. I know, I have driven across it three times and can attest to that fact. Miles upon […]
  • Big Sur
    Big Sur never fails to impress. And what an amazing drive it is. Must be incredible on a motorbike. So many fantastic views, hidden coves and sweeping curves. We stopped […]
  • Mothers
    In recent weeks, I, like so many others, have watched, reluctantly, yet another crisis in yet another conflict in yet another country unfold. Innocent civilian populations caught between two sides […]


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